About Me

Hello, I’m Brian…I’m a 33 year old who has been strongly affected by hair loss since the age of 25, due to a rapid development of Psoriasis to my scalp. I have experimented with multiple hair loss/re-growth treatments to only marginal success…nothing extraordinary! And then I found Provillus. I consulted with a medical doctor (MBBS) for expertise on this product and hair re-growth as a whole, as well as researching the ingredients and the Provillus product for hours and hours on end myself. I am about to start the Provillus treatment, as I hope to share my own personal experiences with this all-natural hair regrowth treatment, as well as learn and hear about many others’ success stories of using Provillus! I want to live a better, happier life where I am more secure and comfortable in my own shoes, as well as help others who feel the same way. If you like what you see and are considering using Provillus, please consider clicking on one of my many links on the homepage, or on the product itself (on the right), as it would greatly help support this website, to keep it up and running, and hopefully help many many others. Thanks guys!