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Best-Selling Provillus Hair Loss Treatment – How Effective Is Provillus Likely to be for Preventing Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Regrowth? (My Review)

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Provillus Hair Loss TreatmentHow to stop hair loss and to regrow hair is a growing concern for hundreds of millions of people all around the world, including myself.

Hair Loss/Baldness is a growing problem that not only affects our physical appearance but can also damage self-confidence…

…Both men and women experience hair loss from many different ways, such as heredity (male/female patterned baldness), psoriasis, pregnancy, lack of protein, menopause, and from hair products, among many others. The Provillus formula is designed to help the natural regrowth of hair.

What is Provillus?

1). Provillus Hair Loss Treatment is one of the most popular hair regrowth products on the market Provillus Hair Loss Treatmenttoday as it is quickly becoming the best choice for both men and women, and for good reason.

2). It is a specially formulated product that has been clinically proven to not only prevent hair loss but to also regrow hair in the most natural way., and in only a matter of weeks.

3). According to its manufacturers, Provillus offers the proper nutrition so that dead hair follicles are brought back to life and its mix of ingredients prevents hair loss from happening.

How Provillus Works?

Provillus Hair Loss TreatmentThis is an entirely natural supplement rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that help the hair follicles to grow and multiply. Thanks to its unique ingredients, it is now possible to regrow non-pigmented healthy hair follicles, something that was previously impossible.

It should be emphasized that the supplement not only regrow the hair for men and women but it also gives your hair extra strength from inside. What this means is with regular use, it reduces and almost completely stops the hair loss caused by stress, carcinogenic substances, various toxins, zinc deficiency and diminished blood supply…

…It actively increases the blood supply towards the growing hair follicles and thus provides the essential nutrients and nourishment required for optimal regrowth. This increase in blood supply also eliminate the toxic substances and cellular debris, resulting in thicker, stronger hair.

In addition to boosting blood circulation, the supplement provides the essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin B6. It also utilizes biotin to produce keratin, a natural protein that makes up the significant portion of the hair follicle.

Due to different genetic makeup, hormonal variations and according to different needs, provillus comes in two forms, one for men and other for women…

…Both formulas, however
contain minoxidil, which has been proved medically and scientifically for new hair growth.

While continuous therapy strengthens the hair follicles, the product also protects the hair from 5-alpha-reductase and cortisol, enzymes that damage the hair. The regular use of product also energizes your hair and ensures that the follicles are strong enough before hair strands can develop.

What makes the provillus hair regrowth product different from others is the fact that it utilizes minoxidil in conjunction with other natural nutrients such as silica and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) so the hair follows the natural way of growth.

Provillus Can Be Applied Super Fast – In Under 10 Seconds!

Using Provillus is as simple as modifying your morning/night routine!

Running late for work? No Problem!

Just spray and rub it in while sitting in your office…no one will ever know!

And Because Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Is So Convenient,  There Is Absolutely…

  • NO wasting hours each day on slow working & ineffective treatments…
  • NO wasting time & money driving to the doctor’s office, and then waiting for hours on end for the doctor to see you for only 30 seconds…
  • NO worrying about missing a treatment because you’re feeling lazy one day…
  • NO need to adopt “hair loss treatment” as your next hobby!

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Of course, hair regrowth is no small feat, as I have tried many many products throughout the years, but If you’re not fully satisfied with this product, it’s very easy to get your money back as Provillus has a full money back guaranteed policy on all of its products! 100% Guaranteed to meet your expectations or your money back!
Try Provillus today, risk free guarantee…. ==>
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  • The only way they are able to offer a guarantee like that, is because it works!

What Others are Saying About Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment…

“I went back to my barber after a month of using Provillus and he was just as amazed as I was, this stuff really works!”

-Tony C.

“I was a bit skeptical at first, being fooled in the past. But after just a few weeks taking this supplement, I knew I had found the system that worked for me!”
-Steven R.

( Read more Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment testimonials here )

Final Verdict: Is Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Worth it? 

Answer: Yes! 

Bottom line:

It works fast (when consistently applied)

It takes seconds to apply

And it’ll save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive professional hair plugs.

It’s Important You Treat Your Hair Starting Right Now…

Because If you DON’T do anything today, your hair will keep falling out little by little, until you don’t have any left at all, or until it leaves a nice gap on your head! 

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Provillus Hair Loss Treatment F.A.Q.

What are the causes of hair loss in men?
Male pattern of hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia) is a condition of gradual hair loss that usually occurs on the top of the head or along the sides in its frontal part and starts in men’s late 20s or early 30s. In the majority of the situations, male hair loss is caused by a combination of such factors as genetic predisposition to early hair loss and the effects of male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Producing excessive amounts of DHT is the main reason of hair loss in modern men.

What causes hair loss in women?
Female type of hair loss (Female Pattern Baldness, FPD) is quite different from the male one, though it is also related to hormonal misbalances and heredity. Just like it is in men, FPD is also caused by excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone, which is produced in women’s body as well. DHT has harmful effects on hair follicles causing hair thinning and falling out, therefore, overproduction of DHT leads to progressing hair loss. Usually, hormonal changes connected with DHT overproduction occur in pregnant and menopausal women. That is why up to 80-85% of women who entered into the period of pregnancy or menopause have to face the problem of hair loss. Another important factor that can cause hair loss in women is improper functioning of the immune system. In particular, excessive amounts of white cells in blood also affect hair follicles and slow down hair growth. Finally, improper hair styling, bleaching and other related factors can lead to hair loss in women.

What is DHT and how is it connected with hair loss?
DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is an active form of testosterone, the male hormone. DHT has harmful effects on hair follicles and causes hair loss.

What is the role of genetics in the problem of hair loss?
It is proven that heredity contributes greatly to developing Male Pattern Baldness. However, in the majority of hair loss cases in males, genetic factors are supported with overproduction of DHT as the main cause of hair thinning and loss. In women, genetics also play an important role, though it is not among the leading reasons of female hair loss pattern.

At what age can people start facing a problem of hair loss?
Usually, male hair loss occurs in men’s late 20s, but these problems can start even at the age of 15. The age in which a man can begin experiencing the problem of hair thinning and loss depends on a great deal of factors. First of all, those are genetic factors and hormonal imbalances. Women usually begin losing hair in their late 40s, when they enter the period of menopause. At the same time, such factors as thyroid problems, child birth, hormonal changes, improper hair care, excessive stresses, etc. can become a reason of early hair thinning in women.

What can be a reason of a sudden loss of a large mass of hair?
In the majority of the situations, such problem is connected with various diseases or illnesses, hormonal changes during the periods of pregnancy or menopause, using certain medications, considerable weight loss or gain, and so on.

Can stress cause my hair loss?
Stresses and worries can be a reason of Telogen effluvium, which is temporary hair loss. Studies and researches demonstrated that such factors as psychological pressure, long-term periods of worries, work overload and lack of sleep can seriously affect the health of your hair. At that, the first signs of hair loss as a result of stresses can be noticed in 3-4 month after actual stressful conditions. But, at the same time, many specialists tend to believe that stress is not among the leading reasons for hair loss.

Can the hair care products I use be a reason of hair loss?
As a rule, our hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair strengtheners, etc. are considered to be safe and harmless to our hair. However, it is necessary not to use them too often and in greater amounts than it is required in order to achieve positive results. Also, some people are sensitive to hair care products, therefore, using such products can cause skin irritation and stimulate hair loss.

Can my hair style or the ways I style my hair cause hair loss?
Some people use excessive amounts of hair styling products, bleach or use hair dryers too frequently, that can damage the hair and stimulate hair loss. Besides, wearing such hair styles as tight ponytails, braids or cornrows also causes Traction Alopecia.

Good luck, and here’s to you having healthy, thick, and beautiful hair once again!

-Brian Merritt


The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Hair

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Healthy Hair

Long, thick and healthy hair is something that most women work hard to achieve. But you already know that the missteps of routine hair care leave your hair dry and rough.

Some bad habits can also lead to hair damage, such as breaking, drying or even hair loss. No matter what your hair type, follow the following easy to do and not to do steps for healthier, happier and more manageable hair.


Take care of your general health. Hair is a tissue that is equally affected by our physical well-being and dietary habits…


…Diet rich in dietary fibers, protein, and iron is vital for opti
mal growth and regeneration. Stress, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance, poor diet and hygiene and a medical condition like a thyroid problem can also cause hair problems.


Shun the sun. And you thought that the ultraviolet radiations are bad for your skin only?

These damaging rays are just as harmful to the hair as skin, however they won’t turn your hair red or begin to peel.

Repeated sun exposure will not only fade your dye but also leave your hair dry and damaged.

While planning for the outdoor:

Always try to cover your hair with a wide-brimmed hat or a scarf.

Choose shampoos and conditioners along with SPF hairspray to moisturize, protect against both types of ultraviolet rays that can cause severe sunburn…

…At the end of the summer, intensive conditioning treatment at the salon could help rejuvenate your hair with an entirely new look.


Ingredients are the key. Always keep an eye on shampoo and conditioner labels before going to purchase a product.

DO NOT choose a product that contains more than two detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl ether sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate.

Jamaal Hammed, a celebrity hair stylist, recommends organic products that are composed of natural plant ingredients instead of harsh chemical agents. 


1). Unless your hairs are extra oily, dabbing them with shampoo or a conditioner every other day will cause damage.

2). Washing too often also causes dryness. Just like over washing clothes fades their natural color, if you constantly wash your hair, it will become too clean.

3). Avoid washing your hair with cold water.


Sleeping with wet hair is a big no-no. The way we care for our hair at night is essential because we have little control over our sleeping habits and cannot know for sure how we move at night.

Always brush your hair before bedtime to eliminate any buildup or tangles from the day. A braid style is an excellent way to keep hair out of the way, and it is also very easy to deconstruct it in the morning.


The good news is that swimming does not damage your hair badly, but it is important to recondition your hair extensions from too many hours of remaining wet.

1). To prevent your hair from salt or chlorine damage, it is advisable to have swimming of no more than 2 hours.

2). Before entering the treated water of chlorine or salted beach water, it is important to wash the hair with a shampoo and UV protective conditioner of your choice.

3). You can also apply SPF containing leave on product and a moisturizing cream for better hair protection.

4). If you decide diving or swimming in the sea, a bathing cap is a good idea that will keep your hair protected from intense heat of the sun and sandy water.



What Your Hair Reveals About Your Health

“Look in the mirror to not only style the hair but also to know the truth about your tresses.”
A bad hair day can leave us cranky because we find no solution to tame then. Although these days the ugly hair is usually the result of haircut regret or an excessive use of wrong hair care products, our hair woes could also reveal several underlying health problems; a hair stylist cannot address. Hair is the body projections that are equally affected by our diet and daily physical activities. Thus they can tell us the secrets of our overall health.

1. Rough, Dry Hair

If your hair feels soft like a sponge, and every morning you wake up with a hair clutter on the pillow, this could be an indication of the systemic diseases like hypothyroidism (low functioning of the thyroid gland) or Cushing’s syndrome (a disease of liver in which excess production of specific hormone starts). As a consequence, your metabolism begins to slow down that could lead to a sudden weight gain, fatigue and being unexplained cold most of the time. Lack of iron, zinc and vitamin C can also lead to hair dryness and brittleness.

2. Fine Hair

If you recently start noticing your hair becoming thin, it could again be a sign of hypothyroidism. The thyroid is the master gland in the body, which regulates the endocrine system and also affects the formation and growth of hair. However thinner hair accompanied by hair loss can also be attributed to a hormonal imbalance associated with the ovarian syndrome in females and testosterone levels in males. This endocrine disorder affects the male and female reproductive organs and can lead to excess hair loss and thinning hair on the scalp, especially in patients with a genetic predisposition and sensitivity of the follicles, says the Mayo Clinic.

3. Hair Shedding

The average person loses approximately 100 hair a day, but this hair loss is normal and does not make the hair feel worse. However, if your hair starts to fall into groups, this could be a sign of anemia. This disease is caused by an iron deficiency in the body, leading to pale skin, brittle nails and hair loss. According to the American Society of Hematology, Iron is necessary for the maintenance of many functions of the body such as regulating healthy cells, skin, hair and nails, thus iron deficiency anemia can lead to baldness. Excessive hair shedding may also indicate protein deficiency.

4. Hair Color

Hair color has been associated with personality traits for a long time “redheads have more fun” to “blondes being wild’, but the shadows of your locks can also reveal a lot about your health. When we recognized gray hair, we began to tremble and rush quickly to the pharmacy or hairstylist for a hair dye job. Although our genes determine gray hair, it can also indicate a high degree of stress. Brunettes are known to have less hair on the head than their other colored counterparts, which predispose them to an increased risk of hair loss. When it comes to physical health, people with red hair are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. In addition, the mutations in the genetics of redheads, which gave them their red shiny and lustrous color can also put them to develop the risk of degenerative disease.

If you are even slightly concerned, consider checking out Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment, Provilluswhich promotes all natural hair regrowth and healthy hair in only a few weeks, and it’s also the
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